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About the centre

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The Birgit Rausing Centre for Medical Humanities is a knowledge centre tasked with developing and profiling medical humanities in education, research and external engagement.


The medical humanities have long been included as an elective course in Lund University’s professional medical degree programme. Medical humanities can have a significant impact on the judgement and professional approach of students on the programme – i.e. our future physicians.

Read more about the medical degree programme (on Lund University’s central website)
Ideally, medical humanities would be an element of all professional degrees at the Faculty of Medicine – as of tomorrow. And not as an elective course, but as a constant theme running through the entire degree programme. One important way of bringing about a dialogue on the content of education is to involve the students – both current students and alumni. Are you a current or former first or second cycle student and would you like to find out more about the Birgit Rausing Centre for Medical Humanities?

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If there is anything that can induce a university to introduce new educational ideas, it is the presentation of scientific arguments. We will therefore examine our own educational initiatives and create new ones, including through collaboration with the University’s own outstanding research infrastructures, such as the Humanities Laboratory, the Forum Medicum MoRe Lab (Movement & Reality lab) and the Lund University Bioimaging Centre (LBIC). (The links below take you to external websites.)


The research issues tackled by the centre are to be current, possible to develop and relevant over the long term. The centre strives to develop the role of the humanities to see the whole person in their contact with and treatment in healthcare and to highlight the societal benefits of medical humanities.

The centre works across disciplinary boundaries in both education and research, and aims to utilise the potential of a full-scale university.

Do you want to get involved in developing our activities? Visit the work with us page.


In 2021, ”Enhance empathy and compassion in healthcare students and professionals" was presented as a potential first theme at the Birgit Rausing Centre for Medical Humanities. In connection with this theme, the centre established an Advanced Study Group in the framework of the activities of the Pufendorf Institute: "Empathy and Compassion – so important, yet so complex".

Empathy and compassion – so important yet so complex, Advanced Study Group (Lund University research portal)

Website for the Pufendorf Institute at Lund University

Further research themes will be presented over the next few years.

External engagement 

The centre is setting up contacts with organisations and individuals who will contribute to its activities in various ways over the short and long term.

We will now be focusing on external engagement with managers in public healthcare, not least in Region Skåne, and on collaboration with Swedish and Nordic medical humanities networks.

Read more about Swedish and Nordic medical humanities networks: (the links below take you to external websites)