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Postgraduate research studies

The Faculty of Medicine at Lund University offers a stimulating environment for PhD students, with research that ranges over a broad field from experimental research to clinical research, closely involving patients. Doctoral students at this faculty are offered many opportunities for cooperation and interesting, stimulating meetings and scientific debates, in a highly internationally oriented research and study environment. A characteristic of our PhD student programme is that we are constantly working to maintain the high quality of our study programme.

Our Faculty of Medicine encompasses about 1000 graduate students, we admit about 130 new graduate students every year. A PhD-trajectory at our faculty is a 4-year (full time) programme, consisting of courses and research in a dedicated research area. Two thirds of our doctoral students are part time doctoral students, who combine their (often clinical) research while also continuing their clinical work.

Interested in pursuing your PhD here?

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Practical information for new PhD students

How to get settled in Lund & Sweden (the link above goes to the Faculty's internal website)

Enrolled PhD students

Information for admitted PhD students can now be found on Intramed - everything from courses to study plans (the link above goes to the Faculty's internal website)

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