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Clinical electives for freemovers

Faculty of Medicine can offer a very limited number of short-term clinical electives at the hospitals within Region Skåne to freemovers (students currently enrolled at foreign universities without a student exchange agreement with the our faculty). Admitted students are placed at the hospital sites in Lund, Malmö, Helsingborg, Ystad and Kristianstad.

Due to student exchange agreements, priority is given to partner students.

Course information

Main area: Medicine

Course code: VMFN23 (week 1 - 4) and VMFN24 (week 5 - 8)

Credits: 6 (4 weeks)


VMFN23 Clinical Placement 1 (PDF 102 kB, new window)

VMFN24 Clinical placement 2 (PDF 136 kB, new window)

Study period: The clinical placement starts the first Monday of the month and continues through the following 4 weeks. Please note that the student must arrive one week before the placement to repeat the MRSA test.

Prerequisites: Final year medical students or medical students who have completed their clinical module in the subject area they apply to.

Instruction and Examination: Instruction is comprised of clinical rounds and case discussions. Theoretical studies equivalent to 2 hours per day; reading list to be discussed with supervisor. The course does not include lectures. Students are evaluated in their clinical milieu as well as through oral exams on logbook notes.

Language: The official medium at the university hospitals is Swedish. While contact with patients might be conducted in Swedish, help will be provided to facilitate communication. Communication with department staff and supervisors will be conducted in English. If you are accepted, it is a good idea to practice your Swedish before starting your placement. You will find a free online course through the Swedish Institute.

Liink to course at Swedish Institute's website

Disciplines / sub-specialites: Placements are available in varied clinical areas and are subject to change:

Available disciplines / sub-specialties (to be updated)

How to apply

Clinical placements at Skåne University Hospitals in Lund and Malmö can only be accessed through a formal application to Lund University.

Application instructions and FAQ

Questions? Contact: international_facultymedicine [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se

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