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Arrival in Lund

During the Orientation Weeks, usually on day 3, exchange students are invited to an introduction meeting at the International Office, BMC, in Lund. At the meeting you will fill out an enrollment form and some other paperwork depending on your study plan.

Note! If you arrive for a short-term clinical placement during the semester, you will be invited to an introduction meeting in the week prior to course start.

As stipulated in the Letter of Acceptance, and Health Declaration, it is compulsory for clinical students to undergo a MRSA screening* in Lund in the week prior to course start.

If the Orientation Weeks do not fit into your schedule, you should nevertheless arrive in Lund no later than Monday, one week before your clinical course starts.

A confirmation of the introduction meeting at the International Office and the MRSA screening* appointment will be sent to you by email approximately 3 weeks in advance.


*Students and foreign employees from the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland and Denmark, included Åland, Faroe Islands and Greenland) are from 1 April, 2016 exempted from the MRSA screening.

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