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Summer scholarships 2020

Summer scholarships 2020

The Research Studies Board announces partially funded two-month summer scholarships aimed for students at the Faculty of Medicine’s undergraduate and advanced programmes.

The two-month scholarship (with payment in June and July) shall be used for an eight-week summer research project within any of the courses VMFX70, VMFX71 or VMFX72 during the period June-August 2020. 

The summer research projects are 3 courses worth 15 credits each. The courses start after with an introductory day on 15 June 2020, and the results are presented in the form of a brief abstract/report and an oral presentation for other scholarship holders and the Executive Committee on 27 August. 

The total scholarship amount is SEK 21,800 in 2020 (SEK 10,900 per month, non-taxable). The scholarships are awarded to students at all stages of their education in accordance with the criteria stated for each course. Students cannot be awarded more than three summer scholarships each. Please note that students who are non-EU / EEA citizens have to pay tuition fees.

Apply for the scholarships using the online form Application form - the Faculty of Medicine Summer Research Scholarship (new window). Deadline 2020-02-01. When you submit the application it will be sent to the following address sommarstipendier [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se. Please complete your application with an excerpt from LADOK to the e-mail address no later than 2020-02-01.

Please note that this application is only for the scholarship, application for a summer course (VMFX70, VMFX71 or VMFX72) is made by submitting a project plan in April 2020. Hence, the applicant does not need to have a supervisor or project in place at the time of the scholarship application. All students must, on their own, find a supervisor who is willing to supervise and provide half (50%) of the scholarship. When the student and the supervisor have agreed on a suitable project, the student writes a project plan with support from the supervisor. The project plan should be submitted for approval 2020-04-23. (The project can be long-term, but should be shaped in such a way as to allow the student to achieve at least some results within the two-month period). 

The Research Studies Board cannot finance all applicants, and the students will receive notification whether their application for scholarship is approved or not (decision will be sent by e-mail 2020-02-14). If your application for scholarship is not approved, you may still be able to do a summer research project if you can find a supervisor who is willing to provide the full (100%) scholarship. The establishment of such a scholarship is easier if the applicant has applied for a scholarship within this call, therefore, we highly encourage students to apply if you consider doing a project during the summer 2020.

For more information go to VMFX70, 71 and 72 Summer Research Projects 2020 or contact the course coordinator Dennis Persson, Dennis_R [dot] Persson [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se


Preparatory Research School 2020

Have you performed a summer scholarship previously? Are you interested in learning more about medical research?  

Take the chance and apply to the Preparatory Research School at the Faculty of Medicine: Application form - the Faculty of Medicine Summer Research Scholarship (new window) deadline 2019-12-16. 

Entry requirements: To be admitted to the course, students must have 90 credits within their major, a 15 credit independent research project (such as summer stipend) and be a current student at the Faculty of Medicine at Lund University. Note, if you haven't performed an individual research project previously you should apply for a regular summer scholarship first. Also, if your application for Preparatory Research School is not approved (decision received by 2019-12-19), your application is automatically transferred to the Summer scholarship group (described above). 

The course (VMFX75) is comprised of 2 parts. The first start on 30 January 2020 and has recurrent meetings in the evenings through out the spring semester (corresponding to 2 weeks full time studies). Most of the sessions are scheduled during evenings (18-21). Different themes will be brought up: pitch talk, scientific writing/communication, journal clubs, ethics, statistics, career, etc.  During the second part (corresponding to 10 weeks full time studies), an independent research project will be performed. The project will be examined by an extended abstract submission and a poster presentation on 25 August. Before the research project can be started the student must contact a research group at the Faculty of Medicine where the project can be performed. There must be a supervisor that at least holds an PhD. The student writes a project plan according to the template found at the Moodle page and submit this through the submission page here at the course homepage. The project plan will be assessed by the course leader. The student does not need to have a supervisor or a project to apply for the course and the deadline for submission is 2020-04-23

The course is based on lectures, seminars and active participation of students. The students that are accepted to the course will receive a scholarship during the summer (2 months). The Faculty of Medicine will finance the scholarship. The student must actively participate in the course during the spring and submit a project plan or the scholarship will be canceled.

For more information go to VMFX75 Preparatory Research School 2020 or contact the course coordinator Dennis Persson, Dennis_R [dot] Persson [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se.


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