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Leading edge support for both researchers and industry

LBIC (Lund University Bioimaging Centre) is a research centre and joint infrastructure for bioimaging at the Faculty of Medicine, Lund University. The centre was formed in 2008 and provides a number of platforms for advanced medical imaging.

Platforms are available in the following areas:
•    Pre-clinical and clinical MR
•    Pre-clinical nuclear medicine (PET, SPECT, CT)
•    Microscopy
•    National 7T facility
•    IT support including virtual imaging laboratory

The centre is led by Professor Gunilla Westergren-Thorsson (specialisation in basic research) and Pia Sundgren (clinical specialisation). LBIC currently has twelve staff and offers services and support for study design, imaging and management and post-processing of imaging data. 

The organisation’s focus areas are decided on by a steering group with representatives from the Faculty of Medicine. 

Close to 180 users

Established collaborations exist with Science Life Lab, Max IV, WCMM (Wallenberg Centre for Molecular Medicine), Umeå University as well as with industry. LBIC is a member of EATRIS (European Infrastructure for Translational Medicine).

LBIC currently has close to 180 users. In addition to individual research projects, LBIC carries out a large number of clinical electron microscopic analyses for pathology within Region Skåne. 

Depending on how it is calculated, 10-20 per cent of clients are external researchers at universities other than Lund University or from the life science industry. The external clients are located in the surrounding areas, across Sweden and abroad. 

Expertise in visualisation and imaging

In a needs inventory by the Swedish Research Council, the national 7T facility was ranked in the highest category for the 2021 call for national infrastructures (as one of nine proposals).

LBIC has also recruited expertise within visualisation and imaging analysis and will take part in the InfraVis initiative, which was also ranked in the highest category. The ranking means that the areas are prioritised and eligible for coming calls for grant applications. 

More information

LBIC website 
There are contact details on the website if you are interested in using the LBIC infrastructure. 


MR = imaging method with magnetic camera (MR=magnetic resonance) 
PET, SPECT, CT = different imaging methods that use ionising radiation. CT is sometimes called tomography. In PET and SPECT, the radiation is combined with a trace element that, for example, can be taken by mouth.