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Centre for Comparative Medicine

The Centre for Comparative Medicine (CCM) supports the Medical Faculty’s goal to increase knowledge of high relevance to human health by providing essential care for animals used in medical research.

This includes providing protection against diseases which impact both their health and research results, and facilitating breeding of complex genetic rodent models used to further understanding of human health and disease.

Modern laboratory facilities

CCM also provides the support services needed that enable researchers to carry out their work. These range from ensuring that Swedish Animal Welfare regulations and the 3R principles are strictly followed to providing access to modern laboratory facilities where animal studies can be conducted.

Much of the research carried out at CCM ultimately benefits human patients. Research outcomes are often directly applicable in clinical situations for patients with cancer, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, neurological damage, diabetes, tissue regeneration and more. Advanced surgical techniques such as heart and lung transplantations are also developed at the centre.

Specialised staff within several fields

Animals used in research have a high intrinsic value, often because of the complexity of the genetic model they represent. It is very important that they are well cared for and are kept as healthy as possible not only from a welfare point of view, but also to ensure that optimal research results are achieved. The centre’s staff include specialist veterinarians, skilled animal technicians, and geneticists.  

The vast majority of the animals employed are rodents, although zebra fish, African clawed frogs, rabbits and a few larger animals are also used.

More information about animal experiments at the Faculty of Medicine

Worldwide collaboration

Within the facilities, which are located in Lund and Malmö, there are a number of specialist laboratories including behavioural, virus vector, large animal, P2 and P3 labs.

The facilities at CCM enable co-operation with other Lund University infrastructures such as Lund University’s Bioimaging Centre (LBIC). In addition, CCM collaborates with universities and institutions across the world.

New animal housing facility

Since 2022, with the opening of the Comparative Medicine Unit (CMU), a new animal housing facility is available. Collaboration with the Swedish national laboratory Max IV will also be possible.

More information

For further information about CCM, please contact CCM [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se