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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is taught as a three-year undergraduate programme leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy. The programme is taught in Swedish.

Students from partner universities are welcome to apply to clinical placements, given with supervision in English, and a selection of theoretical courses. The courses can be taught in English upon request.

Occupational Science in Health Promotion 

Course code: ATPB51, semester 5/6

Credits: 6

Study period: 1

Programme semester: 5/6

Syllabus ATPB51 Occuational Science (PDF 269 kB, new window)

Occupational Therapy: Intervention, Evaluation and Prevention incl. Clinical placement 3 weeks 

Course code: ATPB55

Credits: 10,5 credits

Study period: 1

Programme semester: 5/6

Syllabus ATPB55, Occupational Therapy III, Intervention, Evaluation and Prevension (PDF 85 kB, new window)

Clinical placement OT (3 weeks)

Credits: 4,5

Study period: 1 or 2

Clinical placement OT (4 weeks)

Course code: ATPB53

Credits: 6

Study period: 1 or 2

Syllabus ATPB53, Occuational Therapy, Clinical Placement IV (PDF 222 kB, new window)

Clinical placement OT (5 weeks)

Credits: 7.5

Study period: 1 or 2

Thesis research OT

Exchange students are welcome to pursue an elective project or thesis work at the department. Students should contact a research group directly.

Research groups and research at the Faculty of Medicine


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Former exchange students

Portrait of Kathryn, OT-student from Toronto

"I am so glad that I chose to do a placement at Lund University in Sweden. The fascinating culture, the delicious food, and the kind and caring people that I met during my placement made my stay in Lund unforgettable."

Kathryn, OT-student, Toronto


Portratit of Annick, OT-student from Brussels

It's very exciting and well organised. International students feel they are welcome at OT in Lund.The course in Occupational Science is different but very interesting - a new topic."

Annick, OT-student, Brussels